3 Business Ideas

There are 3 business ideas that I hope to develop and work on throughout the rest of the quarter, those 3 ideas are:

1) A study group platform
2) Personalized newsfeed
3) Personal assistant software

Study group app:
The inspiration behind this business idea was that fact that forming study groups in a class where you don't know anyone can be tough, especially as a freshman or if it's your first quarter here. so this app will let students post what class they're in, what topics they want to study and what time they're free to study, this will allow students to meet other students that are studying the same topics they are at the most convenient time for each individual student.

Personalized newsfeed:
My thought of this idea was a social media where you don't have to socialize, basically a social media for the antisocial. this is built on the basis of having everything that you like whether it's news, sports, podcasts, traffic all in one app and it's tailored…

Expectations going in

I am really excited to be taking this class and I have really good expectations as far as the entire class experience and everything that I want to learn about entrepreneurship. Even though I am really extremely excited and have high expectations for this course, I really don't want to get too ahead of myself, so I don't expect to walk out of this class as an expert entrepreneur that will create the next big thing and turn the world on it's head by the ned of the quarter, but I will try my best and keep an open mind. I don't know all too much about entrepreneurship so my goal for this class is to walk out of it with a better understanding of entrepreneurship and how it works. I personally think I'm a people's person and I can communicate with people effectively but I never looked too much into entrepreneurship. I know somewhere down the road that I would eventually want to start a company, because when you start a company you can fully invest your time and reso…